Aggie author finds purpose with new book by: Amara Johnson


Charles E. Jones III, a senior music student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, started the fall semester off with a big accomplishment.

Jones recently published his first book, “The Light of Purpose: The Ordained Being.”

According to the novel’s synopsis, Jones takes the reader on a journey of finding their purpose and helping them decipher how God desires them to fulfill it.

Besides inspirational and devotional-like passages, “The Light of Purpose: The Ordained Being” also includes a self-reflection and chapter review questions at the end of each passage.

As someone who has never had a passion for writing, Jones felt compelled to write this novel because he believes he was following God’s direction by sharing his story.

“Writing this book was a divine intervention in my life. I did not want to be a writer, but it had to happen so that others can know and see my testimony,” Jones said.

“Someone in this world can now have the courage to overcome things that were similar to what I went through.”

Jones completed his novel within two months. His goal was to create a book for all ages. He felt during his writing process, he could hear God speaking clearly to him about what he needed to say.

“When you say “yes” to God and the calling wholeheartedly, he will supernaturally give you strength, courage, and the right words to say. God will also guide you towards the right path,” said Jones.

Jones credits his parents for introducing him to God and supporting him through his novel’s journey. He believes that without their support he would still be trying to find his purpose.

The publishing process can be tricky, but Jones gave some details on how he did it.

After he finished writing and typing his novel’s manuscript, he sent it to a publishing company to get reviewed.

After the first revisions, they sent the novel back to Jones for more review. He stated that it’s the writer’s choice to “continue the process.”

Once the final edits are complete, the author sets a consultation. This is when the payment plan for the cost of editing and publishing takes place.

Jones stated that it usually takes about 5 months for the editing and publishing to be completely finished. After everything is done, a book is finally published.

Jones has learned a lot from this writing experience. His perseverance has paid off with many readers enjoying and expressing how much the book is helping them find their purpose.

“Overall it was an easy and interactive read. The way it is set up makes the reader feel as though they are being self-lead to purpose and not talked at,” said Ryan Godwin, a senior psychology student.

As college students, we are constantly changing and evolving into better versions of ourselves.

Jones’ novel teaches the reader that regardless of this fact, it is still important to stay as grounded and assured in our purposes as possible.

“The Light of Purpose: The Ordained Being” is currently available on Amazon for $14.50.

Jones is also selling hard copies on N.C. A&T’s campus as well. For more information about Jones and how to purchase his book, email

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