Beyonce pays homage to Lil Kim with 5 iconic looks


BY: Breanna Deaper and Brodrick Williams

It didn’t stop with just one outfit. Halloween’s not over until Beyonce’s says so, The ‘Formation’ singer is full of surprises and wore five of Lil Kim’s most memorable looks encapsulating the legendary rapper’s style throughout the years. When the images made there way around the Internet, fans were in awe and it even shocked Lil Kim. The photos were posted to Beyonce’s website following the statement: “HIP HOP WOULD NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT OUR ORIGINAL QUEEN B.” With several tragic events currently happening around the world, we can always count on Beyonce to be a beacon of light during dark times.

Lil Kim recently spoke with Hot 97 and she mentioned “Oh My God wasn’t that so dope, it was super dope, I didn’t know they think about me. I was like oh they thinking about me I didn’t even know if Beyonce really liked me or not.” The female emcee also took to Instagram to show her appreciation for the tribute by posting side by side pictures of her in the outfits that Beyonce wore. Lil kim wrote “I’m still recovering from @beyonce’s slayage from Halloween and then this happens…” Lil Kim said in one of the posts.

She also wrote, “Lawwwwddddd, my wig is all the way in China!!! You did that B!”
She made sure to spread a little of the love to Jay Z for dressing as Biggie as well, writing, “This is so adorable and it’s even cuter because Jay-Z and Biggie were friends and he has his mannerisms down pat.”

Lil Kim is nonetheless the most innovated woman to ever make a name in Hip Hop. She has sold over 15 million albums and 30 million singles worldwide as a solo artist, and a further 8 million records with Junior M.A.F.I.A. She is often referred by media and critics as the “Queen of Hip-Hop,” “Queen of Rap,” and “Rap Goddess” due to her achievements and heavy impact in the female rap industry. She has four studio albums and a ton of award nomination. Lil Kim continues to influences the Hip Hop culture.


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